Saturday, May 21, 2011

The true writer's life: blogging on the run!

Wi fi, such a cool thing! Lets you blog and sip raspberry mochas at the same time. Ah, times have come a long way since the days of college.

I'm at the Caribou coffee shop now, on the corner of Oak Park Av and Lake St. The Hemingway museum is just down the street, opens at ten. I thought it was eight!

Regardless, soaking in the atmosphere of a Saturday morning in this charming Chicago suburb.

Have a photo of the famous Hard Rock sign, and one of the corner at the coffee shop, but blogger seems to be sticking!  I'll try one more time before heading to the museum, otherwise, will post them when I return home this evening.


THEE best thing about this moment?  I'm totally happy and content, alone, with me, with the strangers on the street.  I am... me.

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