Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Review Chicago to Oak Park to Berwyn Part III

Saturday, later that day, Berwyn, IL

After being terribly late to my friends' home, I finally arrived around 12:30 pm

Ed and John are friends I know from Ohio.  Ed and I go well back in time.  He was always like my big brother.  He'll tell it like it is, but you know if you have a friend in Ed, you have a friend for life.  I followed them up until about ten years ago when they lived in D.C. and while there with family, I saw them for a short time.  I wasn't able to ever see them again until this last weekend. 

After that, I became terrible at returning emails and that 's when the Illinois bubble ate me, but I tracked them back down and living so close to Oak Park, since I was there, I practically invited myself over.

We had a lovely afternoon.  Their home is just amazing.  I had never seen so many brick homes in my life, and as John told me, they are brick bungalows.  Just street after street after street, rows of brick bungalows.

Here are some photos of their home:

John and Ed

Down their street
Pretty sitting room!

We spent time catching up.  Of course I hogged most of that time dishing on the divorce, but it was just like old times.  Just sitting and talking and relaxing.  I love Ed and John, and always thought there were good peoples.  They have traveled so much too!  OMG the photos of Paris, Italy; the homes (soooo beautiful!) that they've lived in.

They MUST come decorate for me when I get resettled (LOL)...and take me on their next vacation (LOL).

For lunch, we went here:

Camaleon on Lombard in Cicero, IL

I have never eaten at a "real" Mexican place.  Tex Mex is all the rage, you know?  You get used to that Taco Bell stuff and you have NO idea what you are missing out on.  And if you have a conception about true Mexican food, it's a mis...

We started off with shrimp and cream cheese thingies that were to die for.  This place has the real deal going too; everyone is speaking in Spanish, soccer game on the big screen.  I loved it.  It reminded me of how much I LOVE being in new places and experiencing new things.  This place you won't find in Pontiac, IL, that's for sure.

Now this thing... I did not like it.  It is like death.  I'd rather have a gnome shave my legs than try this stuff again! 

This little bowl holds the key to WWIII... atomic hot!!!!
My mouth burned like it never had before.  For.  Two.  Hours.  I was sucking down water and was cursing because it wasn't helping.  John said, "Oh, water makes it worse."  I know he was cracking up at me inside him mind.  I don't blame him.  But after my second glass of water you tell me this? 

I ordered Camarones a al veracruzana:

Could  not finish it.

After lunch, we went into Pierre's Bakery on Cermack.

I wish I had taken photos but there were too many people around, but OMG the cakes and the treats and the sweets.  This place is a divorced woman's best friend!  The strawberries dipped in chocolate were the size of my palm almost.  Nothing like it, I swear.  The cakes were so beautiful and on the other side of the bakery they have a flower shop.  There were vases in cool cases with roses and their petals fanned out, and these roses were huge, like the size of my HAND.

We had gelato for dessert.  Again, another treat I'd never tried before.  Life!  Where have you been?

Seriously though, good time.  We then drove around Berwyn and some of these bungalows in this are just amazing.  Houses like I've never seen.

I am sad that I didn't get up there sooner than I did, but I told Ed and John that I now have someplace to visit!  Again with the inviting myself to their house.

So that was my mini vacay.  Lot done in a day and a half, huh?

What's next?

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