Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dayton Dragons woohoo!

Ah yes, I owe a post about the Dayton Dragons game on Friday.

The Dragons have recently broken a record; they have had the most consecutive sellout home games in all of pro sports.  I don't know about you, but I would say that is one heck of a big deal!  The Dragons began playing in 2000 at Fifth Third Field, in Dayton, OH.  My father has had season tickets for every season.  I don't recall the 2000 season very well; that was the year my mom died.  The following year, he was remarried; and I did go to some games with him and my step-mom; and when I moved to IL, I came back for games here and there over the summers.

Dayton fans take their baseball seriously, as do I.  The Dragons, a minor league team for the Cincinnati Reds, have produced many good players over the years; Dunn, Pena, Stubbs, Votto... just to name a few.

The record: 815 sell out home games in almost 12 years; surpassing an NBA record set by the Portland Trailblazers from 1977 to 1995.

So Friday, they had a special game; gave out Votto bobble heads and had a few big names come in to say hi to the fans.  They played Burlington, and won!

Who was there?  Well, for some of you who don't know it, there is a pretty cool person on the ownership team for the Dragons, he's a member of the primary group who owns the Dragons.  Mr. Magic Johnson himself was there, along with Archie Griffin, another primary ownership guy.

Eric Davis also was on hand to catch one of the ceremonial first pitches.

Just before 9 pm, it was about the sixth inning, and who arrives by helicopter, fresh from a game in Cincy against the Braves?

Mr. Drew Stubbs, Mr. Chris Heisy, and Mr. Logan Ondrusek!  The crowd went nuts, of course!  Each came up through the ranks with the Dragons on through to the Reds, and it was pretty cool having them come back to where it started for them, so they could pay tribute to the fans.

Are the Dragons headed for the playoffs this year, first time since 2008?

TBC but in the meantime, here's some photos!

Heater and Gem, Dragons mascots

Before the game, parachuters landed in the field with American Flags attached

This was a real person!  People were trying to get him to crack a smile, but he wouldn't!

Archie Griffin, left, and Magic himself!

From left, Drew Stubbs, Chris Heisey, and Logan Ondrusek
Tomorrow I'll post about my adventure to this year's Air Show!


  1. Awesome post with pics likewise, as I write this we have an air display going on overhead, some fete or whatever.

    Have a good day.

  2. Wonderful! Awesome! Keep it coming! :D


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