Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dayton Air Show 2011

Well, this is a few days late; got sidetracked, but I do have photos!  That makes my delay okay.

I went to the Dayton Air Show 2011 on July 23.  Okay, it's more than a few days overdue, but meh.

I always loved going to the air show.  Even when I lived here before.  I've always loved planes, in fact.  Might have something to do with growing up in an Air Force town.  No, my parents weren't Air Force; Dad was Navy and Mom was in the Marines.  I loved planes beginning at a very young age.  For many years, I'd find my way to the air show, and it was always by default.  One year, about nine years ago, and the last time I was there, I actually paid.  Before, I always got in for free for one reason or another, free ticket, volunteered.  You name it.