Sunday, April 10, 2016


A to Z Challenge: G

What it takes for some of us to wake up every morning.
To keep going when we can't or don't want to.
What it takes for some of us to pull out in front of that car traveling down the road at 89 miles per hour.
To think they will stop for us.
What it takes to not make everything about us and we don't mean to do it but we do.
To think the world doesn't revolve around us and only us.
What it takes to hope for a bright future when the light is so dim that you can't even see your breath in front of you on a cold night.
To think it's not what's owed, it's just what we want and what's wrong with chasing what we want.
What it takes to live because to figure out why we are here is beyond what we can comprehend.
To think it's just silly gumption
that keeps us going.

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