Thursday, April 26, 2018

New Companion Blog


I'd love for you to hop over to where I moved previous posts not related to my portfolio. It's still a bit under construction, but it's coming along! I'd love to have some followers, and I'll repay to favor to you and follow your blog as well!

I'm getting back into the blogging game and decided to create a new blog that showcases my personal posts; thoughts on teaching, writing, events I go to, places I travel to, things I do and see, people I meet, you name it (including events going on in and around the community I live in).

The posts there now are older, but hold on to your hat! New posts are coming as this Spring gets off the ground, and who knows what the summer will hold. I plan to be out and about town doing and seeing great things, all which I hope to bring back to you!

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